Disfigured School Girl + Heavy Weaponry = First MACHINE GIRL Trailer!

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Good things come to those who wait, or so they say, and our patience has just been rewarded with an exclusive first look at the trailer for Noboru Igushi's Machine Girl. We've covered this one extensively over the past couple months, and for good reason. It brings together many of the key behind the scenes talents involved with cult Japanese titles like Death Trance and Meatball Machine and turns them loose on a revenge story revolving around a Japanese schoolgirl seeking revenge against the gang that tortured her brother to death and cost her her own arm. But no worries ... that arm has now been replaced by a high powered machine gun. A rough trailer was shown to visitors of the American Film Market but that cut wasn't quite polished enough in the minds of the producers and so was never made available to the public. The first proper trailer was completed just yesterday and you'll find it in the Twitch Video Player, embedded just below the break!

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