Takashi Miike's Latest, 'Tantei Monogatari' ('Detective Story') Sneaks Out September 29th 2007.

That's no notice at all, but it's not much worth quibbling over as more Miike means it should appear somewhere eventually.

Looks like Japanese sites only caught wind of this very recently, and it's Don Brown at Ryuganji that reveals it in English for the rest of us; only details beyond what he has (link below) is that it's an R-15 and runs for 99 minutes - oh, and I found a small picture of the poster (to the left) which is nice.

Now, since Miike was shooting 'Sukiyaki Western : Django' at the start of the year for the most part, I wonder which fortnight he fitted this into, between there and here? Oddly, this is also frequently being labelled as 'Horror' on some Japanese sites... strange.

Much More Information at Ryuganji, in English.

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