Oxide Pang's THE PHOTO Becomes THE DETECTIVE Becomes C+ DETECTIVE, Gets Trailer

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Oh, you crazy Pang Brothers, why can't I quit you? The visually talented twins from Thailand love to tease, cranking out film after film with loads of pretty pictures but frequently failing to back those images up with decent scripts and acting. They do, however, get it right just often enough to force people to keep on paying attention. Of the pair I've always found Oxide the more interesting and his latest effort finds him branching out somewhat from his normal modus operandi. Aaron Kwok, fresh of his stunning performance in Patrick Tam's After This Our Exile stars as a down on his luck private detective trying to track down a mysterious woman based only on a single photograph. The customary Pang supernatural twist is there but this is much more a character piece with a noir edge and if Kwok is at all on his game the combination of a decent actor and Pang's eye behind the camera should make this worthwhile. The first trailer arrived while we were swamped with TIFF coverage here at Twitch and we present it to you belatedly now.

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