It's Got Panties! It's Got Rock and Roll! It's Got Giant Robots! It's ROBO ROCK!

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My thanks to our own wee wooden lad for pointing this one out to me a little while back ...

Masaru is a Japanese teen leading a normal enough life, assuming of course that your idea of normal involves playing loud rock and roll music and stealing panties from strangers' clothes lines. And then, of course there's the whole giant robot thing ... the website for upcoming Japanese sci-fi comedy Robo Rock appeared a while back but at the time was nothing but a holding page. The trailer has just appeared and while the opening looks like any number of low budget manic campy Japanese comedies when the robot - animated by Japan's Gonzo animation studio - makes its appearance things really get jumping and it ends up looking like a really good low budget manic campy Japanese comedy with a sci-fi edge. Hell, it's got giant robots and Japanese punk rock. What more does a growing boy need?

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