America Gets Studio 4°C's 'Tweeny Witches' ('Mahou Shoujotai Arusu', 2004).

News that's pretty much everywhere on the anime sites as I look around this morning, but I'll repeat it here and emphasize that this is a recent animation project by Twitch favourites Studio 4°C - those behind 'Mind Game' and 'Tekkon Kinkreet' features, plus 'The Animatrix' collection of shorts, which I still feel more people will have seen and not realised there's work previous to this, and certainly more impressive work which followed - so I'm happily adding this series of 40 short episodes to my list of necessary purchases for sometime in 2008. Media Blasters, who let slip the arrival of the elements for this show online in the past couple of days, have thankfully decided this is worth a go... yes, far more so than a lot of stuff is, and there's a whole heap of other Studio 4°C shorts we'd like to see in the future too.

Tweeny Witches Official Japanese Site.
Tweeny Witches Information, English Synopsis at Anime News Network.
Tweeny Witches Information in English at Wikipedia.
Tweeny Witches Opening Animation at Youtube.

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