According to the Variety article "Montreal fest to honor Marceau" (August 2nd), Gabriele Albanesi's The Last House in the Woods (Il bosco fuori) is set to be screened in "the brand-new Midnight Slam! program" of this year's World Film Festival (Festival des Films du Monde) - "WFF" for short - in Montréal, which runs from August 23rd to September 3rd. The movie had what appears to have been its world première at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest in Italy on October 6th of last year. Epcott Co. Ltd. (K.K. Epukotto) released it on sale DVD (ALCD-0096; NTSC, region 2, Italian w/ Japanese subtitles) in Japan on May 25th, under the title "Italian Chainsaw" ("Itarian Chênsô"); the DVD is available for order from Twitch affiliate (Hong Kong) Ltd.. Minerva Pictures Group s.r.l. is the international sales agent for the movie.

The screenplay for The Last House in the Woods was written by Albanesi. The movie stars Daniela Virgilio as Aurora, Daniele Grassetti as Rino, Rino Diana as Antonio, Santa De Santis as Clara, David Pietroni as Cesare, Geremia Longobardo as Ginger, Cristiano Callegaro as Diego, Luigi Campi as Osvaldo, Valter Gilardoni as Emidio, Fabiano Malantrucco as Giulio, Francesco Lopez as Andrea, Elisabetta Rocchetti as Elena, and Enrico Silvestrin as Luca. Sergio Stivaletti was responsible for its special effects.

Here's a synopsis for The Last House in the Woods from the official website for the movie: "Aurora (Daniela Virgilio) and Rino (Daniele Grassetti) are two youngsters who decide to go look for a little privacy with their car in the woods one night. Unfortunately very soon a group of bullies (David Pietroni, Geremia Longobardo and Cristiano Callegaro) assaults them, and when everything seems lost, an older couple (Rino Diana and Santa De Santis) steps in and takes their defenses. Antonio and Clara, these are their names, invite Aurora and Rino to their house in the woods, to calm down and forget this bad moment. The two accept this kind invitation, soon to discover...."

Here's a description of The Last House in the Woods from the website of Sci-Fi-London: "Chainsaws, continental chavs and cannibalistic children - the Italian splatter movie is back! ¶ Aurora and Rino are making out in the woods when a local gang assaults them. Just when everything seems lost, an older couple, Antonio and Clara, step in to save the day. ¶ They invite Aurora and Rino to their house in the woods to calm down. The two accept this kind invitation, only to discover it was the worst decision they could have made. ¶ With references to the seventies shockers such as LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972) and THE HILLS HAVE EYES (1977), this film is a dark, hard edged horror, while the film's style and themes betray a debt to Italian gore classics such as BAY OF BLOOD (1970) and the films of Dario Argento."

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