Official website for Igor Shavlak & Pavel Ruminov's TRACKMAN (PUTEVOY OBKHODCHIK)


The official website for Igor Shavlak and Pavel Ruminov's Trackman (Putevoy obkhodchik) is now online. Twentieth Century Fox CIS (Dvadtsatyy Vek Foks SNG) is scheduled to release the movie theatrically in Russia on September 13th.

The screenplay for Trackman apparently was written by Valery Krechetov (who also produced the movie) and Viktor Sorokin. The movie stars Dmitry Orlov as Grom, Svetlana Metkina as Katya, Aleksandr Vysokovsky as Pakhomov, Yuliya Mikhaylova as Olga, Aleksey Dmitriev as 'Trackman', Oleg Kamenshchikov as Irkut, and Tomas Motskus as Kostya.

Here's a description of Trackman from the website of production company Importfilm: "The Trackman plot unfolds in the functioning lines of the Moscow Subway, as well as in the desolate ones - in the channels of underground rivers, the real tunnels of the centuries-old underground of Moscow. The scene is entangled with numerous legends and scary stories. It is there that the main characters fall into a trap; they are chased by an underground dweller. They have to survive... or die."

For more information on Trackman, see Twitch's third, second, and first articles on it.

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