York Entertainment (Loose Cannon Films Inc.) is scheduled to release Pat Higgins' KillerKiller on DVD (YPD 1416) in the U.S. tomorrow (August 7th); the DVD is available for pre-order from Twitch affiliate Amazon.com Inc..

As was reported here on Twitch back on November 7th of last year, the screenplay for KillerKiller was written by Higgins. The movie stars Dutch Dore-Boize, Cy Henty, James Kavaz, Richard Collins, Danny James, Scott Denyer, and Danielle Laws.

Here's a synopsis for KillerKiller from York Entertainment's website: "In the middle of nowhere, there lies a secure facility housing only serial killers. One morning the doors are open and the guards have vanished, but a strange freezing mist surrounds the building, preventing the inmates from leaving. Then, one by one, they are murdered. The survivors bicker, fight and blame each other, but the thing that's killing them looks suspiciously like a traditional 'victim'... A babysitter in a shower, a cheerleader, a camper..."

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