3rd teaser trailer for Izuru Narushima's MIDNIGHT EAGLE (MIDDONAITO ÎGURU)


A third teaser trailer for Izuru Narushima's Midnight Eagle (Middonaito Îguru) has been added to the official website for the movie. Shochiku Co. Ltd. (Shôchiku K.K.) is scheduled to release the movie theatrically in Japan on November 23rd.

The screenplay for Midnight Eagle (Middonaito Îguru) was written by Yasuo Hasegawa and Kenzaburô Iida, based on the eponymous novel by Tetsuo Takashima. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on cast page of official website) Takao Ôsawa, Yûko Takeuchi, Hiroshi Tamaki, Eisaku Yoshida, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Nao Ômori, Ken Ishiguro, and Tatsuya Fuji.

Here's a synopsis for Midnight Eagle from ShochikuFilms.com - Shochiku's English-language website: "Amidst a blizzard in the Northern Alps of Japan, a battle begins that will decide the fate of 127 million people! In the skies above the severe winter conditions of the Northern Alps, a top secret American forces stealth bomber known as the 'Midnight Eagle' suddenly vanishes. Its payload is a 'specialized warhead'. If it were to explode, the entire nation of Japan would be hurled into an unprecedented calamity. An ex-war photographer who now only takes nature photos in the mountains accidentally encounters the incident, and gets behind the scene, preventing the weapon [from falling] into the wrong hands."

Here's a set-up for Midnight Eagle that was on the official website for the movie: "From: Yokota AB/U.S. Air Force ¶ To: The Pentagon/U.S. Department of Defense ¶ Subject: Midnight Eagle ¶ A stealth-type strategic bomber B-5 (code-named Midnight Eagle) that took off from this airbase exploded during a training flight. ¶ The explosion is believed to have been caused by an explosive placed within the aircraft by two orientals who secretly entered into the base. ¶ It looks like the Midnight Eagle has been missing near Kitakezawa in the North Alps. ¶ This aircraft carries nuclear warheads. It has to be immediately retrieved. ¶ Repeat: It is urgent that this aircraft be immediately retrieved."

For more information on Midnight Eagle, see Twitch's fourth, third, second, and first articles on it.

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