Christian Hallman's Paradise Lost Ramping Up Production.

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor

I've said this a few times lately and here it is again: the new hotbed of genre film may well prove to be Europe's Nordic region with a sudden surge in horror and other genre film now starting to flow from Sweden, Finland, Norway and - to a lesser extent so far - Denmark. One of the early efforts to turn heads was Sedish vampire picture Frostbite and now one of the behind the scenes men from that film has signed a multi picture development deal with Maverick Red to produce genre pictures for North America.

Sure, things get put in development all the time but here's why I take this more seriously than most. First, Maverick Red have been pushing hard into the genre scene for the past little while. Second, the man in question here is Christian Hallman who has programmed for European genre festivals for years now and helps run the Melies organization, a key component of the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals. The guy knows his stuff.

The first film coming down the line is titled Paradise Lost, a voodoo film that draws on Fulci for inspiration. Read on for all the details.

Maverick Red and Grindhouse Pictures form Strategic Alliance
Los Angeles, Ca,/ Malmo, Swe, June 2007. Los Angeles-based
genre label Maverick Red, a subsidiary of Maverick Films, and
Sweden-based production company Grindhouse Pictures AB are
forming a strategic alliance, focused on remakes, and
original, genre material to be developed and produced for the
U.S. market.
The first film identified for the venture is "Paradise Lost,"
an original screenplay written by Mans F.G. Thunberg and
Christian Hallman. Leaning on the tradition of the Italian
masters of horror Deodato and Fulci, Paradise Lost is a modern
high-concept tour-de-force horror adventure, in the style of
The Descent, Hostel and hit TV-Series Lost. The story, set in
the secret world of voodoo and white slavery, centers on a
brother searching for his missing sister only to find out she
has been killed and revived as a zombie.
Location scouting for production is already underway in South
Carolina. Grindhouse’s Christian Hallman will serve as
producer with Maverick Red’s E. Thompson, Mark Morgan and Guy
Since 1997, Hallman has been a programmer for the Lund Intl.
Fantastic Film Festival, and since 2000 has worked with the
European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, EFFFF, promoting
the European Film Festivals and European Fantastic Films to a
world market. Hallman is also the web producer and coordinator
of the official website of the EFFFF.
During this time Hallman worked on the development and
production managed/line produced the Swedish vampire film
FROSTBITEN with Solid Entertainment. He founded Grindhouse
Pictures AB in 2001 and has built an extensive network and
reputation within the Swedish and European film community.
Maverick Films has a number of projects in development
including; The Stepfather for Sony Pictures/ Screen Gems;
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for Twentieth Century
Fox/ Fox 2000; The Whale starring Ice Cube; and the French
remake Labyrinth, adapted by Russell Gewirtz (The Inside Man),
with Hilary Swank attached to star and produce, for Summit
Entertainment. Maverick is also in post-production on the
remake of the Korean box-office hit My Sassy Girl, starring
Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford; and in pre-production on
the Maverick Red films Slaughter, and The Stanford Prison
Experiment, to be directed by Chris McQuarrie.

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