Feast your eyes on the colourful poster! Yep, Malaysia's first ever zombie movie, Zombi Kampung Pisang (literal translation: Zombies Of Banana Village) opens next Thursday, April 19, in cinemas nationwide. Directed by Mamat Khalid, known for his social satires and comedies, Zombi was unveiled to the press last week, and feedback has been pretty positive. The film stars some pretty big names in the Malaysian entertainment industry: rock star Awie, ex-pop star AC Mizal, Que Haidar, singer Ezlyn, and many others. Sure, the zombie make-up effects look cheapo (like they just slapped on some gooey flour on the actors' faces) but I think that just adds to the camp and comedy. I'm fine with that.

Zombi tells the story of one strange night in a village, when several people die suddenly and mysteriously, but their bodies refuse to stay dead! Sounds like standard zombie movie procedure? Well, then there's a blackout to add more fun to the proceedings! The trailer looks like a lot of fun.

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