The MySpace official page for Giovanni Pianigiani's Darkness Surrounds Roberta is online. The movie is being produced by Cinema Image Productions (U.S.A.) in association with Gothic Produzioni (Italy).

The screenplay for Darkness Surrounds Roberta was written by Pianigiani and Bruno di Marcello. The movie stars Yassmin Pucci, Fabrizio Croci, Raine Brown, Joseph Zaso, Riccardo Calvanese, Barbara Russo, Alfredo Arciero, and Eileen Daly.

Here's a description of Darkness Surrounds Roberta from the MySpace official page for the movie: "Darkness Surrounds Roberta is a thrilling new giallo film, filled to the brim with violent murders, mayhem, decadent sex, and untold mystery. ¶ Told in classic Italian style and framed against the backdrop of scenic Florence, this film is now in production."

MySpace: Darkness Surrounds Roberta official page

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