Rob Cohen Denied Opportunity To Convert Bruce Lee's Soul To Cash.

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor


Sometimes the best film news is the news about films that will not be made.

Back in November the mighty Kaiju Shakedown - Gone less than a week and already sorely missed. Who else will put us godless Canadians in our place when we need it? - broke the news that Rob Cohen was planning to make a new live action film starring, wait for it, a CGI version of Bruce Lee with dialogue cobbled together from earlier interview recordings and lines from earlier films. CG-Lee was essentially to be a ghostly mentor to a young martial artist and the film was being made with the participation of Lee's surviving family and estate who obviously still have a nose for profit.

Well, turns out the family may have thought twice about being involved in something quite this blatant. According to this podcast Linda Lee has withdrawn her support and the project is now dead in the water. Thank god.

Come back, Grady! We miss you!

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