Death Note Spin-off Announced


Its bound to happen. With the two-part Death Note live action film series making a killing at the box office across Asia, it comes as no surprise that the studio will want to capitalize on the franchise success by green lighting a Death Note spin-off which will focus on the character detective "L", played by Kenichi Matsuyama in the leading role.

"L" is the world famous genius detective, but his real name is hidden and his appearance is quite eccentric, and Matsuyama's act as "L" has won big enthusiastic support. Matsuyama says, "I thought I did everything I could by the second part, but after 3 months, I started to feel that maybe I could do something more."

Any details concerning the plot and if the original leading character Light Yagami will return is unclear at the present. All we know right now is that they are planning the release in 2008.

Source: Hoga News

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