Trailer for Douglas Buck's SISTERS - a "retelling" of Brian De Palma's SISTERS


Distribution rights for Douglas Buck's Sisters are to be offered for sale by Voltage Pictures at this year's American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California. The movie is scheduled to be screened at the Laemmle Monica #1 on Sunday November 5th at 5:00 p.m.. It's scheduled to have its world première at the 39th Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia in Spain on October 13th, and to subsequently be screened there twice on October 14th. It's scheduled to have its North American première at the 35th Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal (FNC) on October 25th, and to subsequently be screened there on October 26th.

The screenplay for Sisters was written by Buck and John Freitas. The movie is a "retelling" of the eponymous 1973 film directed by Brian De Palma (the screenplay for which was written by De Palma and Louisa Rose, based on a story by De Palma). It stars Lou Doillon, Stephen Rea, Chloë Sevigny, Dallas Roberts, J.R. Bourne, Serge Houde, Alistair Abell, Gabrielle Rose, and William B. Davis.

Here's a description of Sisters from the AFM website: "The horrific retelling of the original Brian De Palma film. Leading a disturbingly sheltered existence at the hand of her controlling psychiatrist, Angelina is desperate to release herself from his hold on her. Suspicious of the psychiatrist's motives, a nosy reporter starts a dangerous investigation of Angelina. Stumbling into a decades-old conspiracy of mysterious deaths, a controversial operation, and human experimentation, soon the reporter herself becomes part of the experiment."

Here's a description of Sisters from the Sitges website: "Grace, a young journalist, investigates a well-known, controversial psychiatrist. The investigation reveals the disturbing relationship he maintains with Angelique, one of his patients. After witnessing a brutal crime, and with the unintentional help of Angelique's new love interest Doctor Dylan Wallace, Grace finds herself immersed in a spiral of violence and terrible revelations that wind up endangering her physical and mental integrity. After his devastating Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America, presented at Sitges 04, Douglas Buck returns to the bullring with the intelligent update of one of the masterpieces from that great magician of the silver screen named Brian de Palma. And without split-screen (or almost)."

Google Video: Sisters trailer page
Sitges: Sisters
FNC: Sisters (in French)

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  • Liz

    Sisters premiered in Montreal last week. It was fantastic. I liked the original but this new version has added so much more back story. The script was so witty yet still very touching and scary. It is a beautiful movie with just the right amount of freaky and crazy added for good measure.


  • Kev

    Yup, the trailer is history. Sisters looks interesting, very odd feeling to it, like it was made by Cronenberg in the 80's.

  • Tonya J

    Did Google pull the Sisters trailer or am I just not seeing it? I tried all 3 links and can't find it.

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