Wesley Snipes Is Gallowwalker

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Wesley Snipes, zombie hunter? Or Wesley Snipes, zombie? The producers of Gallowwalker are playing coy with the details - I've been waiting for approval to post some of this for literally almost a year now - but now that their hand has been called by a leaked casting call notice they've agreed to let some bits out. Here's what we know:

The film is titled Gallowwalker and is slated to be directed by Andrew Goth with Wesley Snipes in the lead. It is a western, by which I mean an honest-to-god Sergio Leone style western and not City Slickers. It features zombies and lots of them. Some sites have reported that Snipes will be playing a character called KAOS, which is not correct: his character has not been revealed anywhere and will not be until a Gallowwalker comic is released somewhere prior to the film's launch.

We also have a first look at the film's teaser one sheet. For those with crappy monitor resolution, here's the text from the front of that:

When a man takes a life, you take his in return. That's the way it's always been.

A gunman knows too well the ways of vengeance. Fast and furious, he has killed every man who has crossed him.

But his gift with a gun comes with a curse.

All those who die by his hand will return.

Enter the world of GALLOWWALKER, where vengeance lives forever.


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