Dead by Dawn Report: Zombie Jieitai Review

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Here comes Richard Brunton with a look at a load of Japanese zombie splatter at Dead by Dawn ...

What a great choice for 7:30am after some bacon and egg rolls, struggling for sleep on the all nighter for Dead by Dawn...a blood filled Zombie movie. Quite frankly zombie films don't really move me that much. They tend to be over formulaic and soaked with cliches and impossibilities. Yet that is exactly why so many people like them.

So I'm doing this one for you Zombie fans out there, and at special request of Twitch who I'm also writing these reviews for. I'm taking this one for you...

...Okay, the screening is over and I have to say I am converted. That is probably the funniest film I have seen in a long time, from the opening titles to the closing credits, it is hilarious, and it knows it.

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