Gamera Director Shusuke Kaneko Making Live Action Manga Adaptation "Death Note" With Battle Royale's

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor


Many thanks to Don Brown for finding and translating the following for us:

"Shusuke Kaneko ("Gamera" series, "Azumi 2: Death Or Love") will direct Battle Royale star Tatsuya Fujiwara in a two-part movie adaptation of popular manga "Death Note."

The story follows the mysterious "L" and others as they try to catch cool and brainy high school student Raito Yagami (Fujiwara), who has come into possession of a notebook that allows him to summon a murderous demon simply by writing the name of his intended victim. Although Raito is aware that killing is wrong, he strongly believes that the violent crimes he perpetrates are justified because "evildoers must die in order to create a better society."

Published in weekly manga Shonen Jump, "Death Note" is written by Tsugumi Oba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. Its nine "tankobon" collected editions currently on sale have sold over twelve million copies to date.

"Death Note" will be distributed in Japan by Warner Brothers. Part one is scheduled for release in June, with the second following in October."


With a summer release date locked down I'd expect that images should be turning up online relatively soon, but in the meantime you can check out fan translated versions of the manga here.

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