Kenta Fukasakus' 'Eru No Ran' Screenplay & CGI by Mamoru Oshii.


Little confusing information in broken English over at the Production I.G forum says that it was recently announed that Fukasakus' 'Eru No Ran' (working title), which starts working in the first half of next year (suggests this is the film after the one we have recently seen the teaser for?) will been written by Mamoru Oshii, and that he will infact also be helping out on the CGI work too.

Apparently Oshii has no desire to keep flogging away at future 'Ghost in the Shell' sequels so must be moving on to "different challenges", that is according to rumblimgs i've read elsewhere in the past week. The I.G forum post mentions and links to this Sponichi Japanese-text page.

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